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1:1 offerings

1:1 Meditation Course - 4 sessions (1hr per session) £112

Completely new to meditation? or wanting to deepen your practice? We've got you! This course is for anyone. In your first session we'll get to know where you're at in your journey + design the course around what you need at this moment in time. This course will; allow you space to release stress from your body, deepen your self awareness, improve your sleep, regulate your nervous system, help you form a new, healthier relationship to your thoughts and so many more amazing benefits! 

1:1 Grounding Session (60 Minutes) £33

For this grounding session, you will be guided through Meditation, Sound, Tea & Ritual. To help you re-connect to yourself. Feeling deep into your body, to release stress & find peace. You will come away feeling more present & engaged with yourself, and your life. This session will be beneficial for anyone! But most effective if you are either; feeling a sense of disconnection, anxiety, struggle sleeping, over-whelmed, sluggish or unmotivated. 

1:1 Feminine Embodiment Course - 4 sessions (90 minutes per session) £133

This course is for those looking to deepen or re connect to their feminine energy. This course is designed to help you connect to your intuition, creativity & the core of YOU. Strengthening your connection to your body, and your true essence. We will be exploring through Meditation, Breath-work, Movement, Sound & Rituals. This course is especially good for those who really struggle to just 'be', or are feeling a sense of disconnection. You will come away from this course feeling a deeper sense of intimacy.

1:1 Transcendence Course - 4 sessions (1hr per session) £112

For this technique we use a mantra (which has a vibrational, sound quality) which we use as a vehicle, that guides us into a deep state of consciousness, where we will find peace and stillness. One of the main skills a meditator develops from Transcendence Meditation is the capacity to let go. As we strengthen our capacity to let go, our being becomes more curious. And it is our curiosity & openness that allows us to experience more from life. This technique is ancient, originating from a source of knowledge known as the Veda, which comes from India over 5,000 years ago. This technique trains us to effectively release stress and find peace. This is an effortless technique, after this course you will be fully equipped to practice this technique on your own. A skill you will have for life!

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