What's on

Forest Bathing Group

A group specifically for Grounding.

Gathering every 3 weeks, to soak up the forest as a form of therapy. Using a combination of Breath-work, Meditation & Embodiment Practices to cultivate a deeper presence, inner strength & stability. 

We will also be supplying a hot medicinal drink

Transcendental Meditation Course

In Transcendence Meditation, we use the repetition of a Mantra. (Mantra translates to mind vehicle🧠) the repetition of the mantra, allows us to travel deep into ourselves (& beyond). Re-wiring our brain, so it knows where to find peace & stillness. Moving our awareness into a space that is at the core of our being, the part of us where we feel there is no separation between us & all of nature


Mini Retreat

Join us for a morning of; breath-work in the forest, wild swimming, tea & cake by the fire, meditation journey, medicinal drinks & ritual

Come away feeling rested & rejuvenated