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April Transcendental Meditation Course

Event Details

Transcendental Meditation is an ancient technique, originating from a source of knowledge known as the Veda, which comes from India over 5,000 years ago. In this technique we use the repetition of a Mantra. (Mantra translates to mind vehicle) the repetition of the mantra, allows us to travel deep into ourselves (& beyond). Re-wiring our brain, so it knows where to find peace & stillness. Moving our awareness into a space that is at the core of our being, the part of us where we feel there is no separation between us & all of nature, into a state of pure bliss! One of the main skills a meditator develops from Transcendence Meditation is the ability to let go. As we strengthen our capacity to let go, our being becomes more curious. And it is our curiosity & openness that allows us to experience more from life. This course is for you if you would like to; - Release deep rooted stress - Cultivate a healthier relationship to your thoughts - Train your brain to find peace & stillness - Improve your ability to focus - Explore yourself & your consciousness This is a tool you will have for life, and will come away feeling confident enough to practice without a device or guide This is a 4 session course. If you are interested in the course but are unable to make all the dates, please get in touch to discuss options Beginner Friendly! This meditation course is suitable for everyone. Whether this is your first time meditating, or if you already have a practice. We'll meet you where you're at! Cost: £45 for the full course. or £15 per session

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  • Llanrwst LL26 0PE, UK


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